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Notice of Default, Notice of Trustee Sale, Lis Pen Dens Leads

     Public record data offers an alternative to the 30 60 90 day late mortgage leads as another data source to market to home owners who are late on their mortgage.    This pre-foreclosure list comes directly out of the county recorder's office and depending on the state is the first official public notice.   Every state has a different process for recording various stages of foreclosure before a property can be auctioned but the process will generally be determined by the state being a judicial or non-judicial foreclosure state.  There are many subtle differences between the two but the largest difference is that Judicial states require a judge's approval to foreclose where as  Non-Judicial states have the power of sale written into the trust-deed.  Understanding this difference is key to targeting various stages of foreclosure.

     Public record data goes by many names:  Notice of Default (NOD), Notice of Trustee Sale (NTS), Notice of Election Demand (NED),  Lis Pend Dens, and many more.  The name for a particular type of lead will largely be determined by the state the property is located in and wether the process is judicial or not. 

     The important question is how does this relate to marketing and why would this list be used instead of the 30 60 90 day late list.  As noted in our other article most of the late mortgage marketing will be more productive with the pre-foreclosure list but there are times when public record data may be a better fit:

1.  There are no compliance concerns and very few marketing restrictions on public record data.  It is not privileged information and does not have some of the same restrictions as other data types.
2.  The defaulted borrower may have a higher level of motivation as the prospect of foreclosure becomes very real.
3. Public record generally will have a higher level of property specific details than other data types.
4. Full information is available about the foreclosing lender and trustee.



Recording Date Within 30, 60, 90 day;  Custom Date Range
Geography State, County, City, Zip
Property Status Pre-Foreclosure, Auction Date, REO
Property Type Commercial, Vacant, Residential (SRF, MFU, Condo)
Mortgage Information Number of Loans, Loan Amount, Default Amount
  Original Lender, Foreclosing Lender, Trustee
Property Information # Bedroom, # Bathrooms, Lot Size, Year Built, LTV
  AVM Value, LTV, Home Size


     More detailed filters are available up on request.  Please give us a call for help determining which data set is right for your marketing.   As we have noted in our other articles there is no perfect data set that fits every marketing effort.  Some will need the 30 60 90 day late leads and some will need the Public Record (NOD) leads as described here.   Our consultants can quickly help you determine what's best for you.