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Late Mortgage Leads


     Late Mortgage leads allow investors and real estate agents to market successfully in an environment that is dominated by short sales and investor flips.    The numbers will vary by location but the majority of the sales in most markets are distressed sales of some type.   The agents and investors who are producing in the current market understand this and have mastered finding the people that must sell.

     Late Mortgage leads allow for marketing to homeowners who are in a must sell situation and are out of options for curing the deficiency.   This allows agents and investors to concentrate on deals with a higher chance of closing.  As noted in our real estate marketing overview, Citracado Market Advisors believesthat  the successful brokers, agents, and investors spend their time and marketing dollars focusing on finding the inventory.  

There are two basic catagories of late mortgage leads:

-   30, 60, 90 Days Late Mortgage Leads

-    Notice of Defaults, Notice of Sale, Public Record, Lis Pen Dens

     Each category has its own merits and will be covered in greater detail on their respective pages.  Both categories are generally referred to as "pre-foreclosure' and both types of late mortgage leads have their own recommended application.     The public record terminology will generally vary by state.   California has a Notice of Default (NOD), where as Colorado has a Notice of Election Demand (NED), and all Judicial foreclosure states will have a Lis Pen Dens.   Every state will have a slightly different term for their public record pre-foreclosure filings due to the fact that the foreclosure process is not uniform throughout the country.  Each state is individually responsible for their own foreclosure process.   

     Citracado Market Advisors has national coverage for all types of late mortgage leads.  Please contact us and speak to a consultant to determine what type of late mortgage lead fits your marketing plan.