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Bio Shot     Citracado Market Advisors was founded by Brad Dawson bringing years of data and marketing experience to form a company that is dedicated to business development and client performance.   With an impressive financial background in Mortgage, Real Estate, and Equity Analysis Brad has a unique perspective that offers clients insight and a fresh perspective that is often lacking in other agencies.   

     Brad Dawson has been quoted in various industry publications but perhaps the most interesting quote comes from Brad's time as one of the top producing wholesale account executives at what is now a defunct lender

" I was sitting there at my desk with over a 100 million dollars of deals in my pipeline, trying to shepherd my deals through underwriting when the industry shuddered.   A companywide email went out stating that our wholesale line had been suspended.  I ran into the underwriters office, a place your normally don't go and they all just shook their heads.  It was at that moment that the inner-workings of the finance world stopped.  Many people had sounded the alarm that a crash was coming but I chose to ignore it. The implosion of the credit markets was a pinful one, but the pain from the crash forced me to see a larger view of the world.  I suddenly understood the value of consulting and sound advice."

     Brad left the mortgage industry in early 2007 and has been providing world class marketing solutions ever since.   Brad left a competing interest to form Citracado Market Advisors and has not looked back.

"There is opportunity in every market good or bad.   Smart money produces in every economy, they key is spending your marketing dollars with the tide and not against it.  If your marketing consultant does not bring up points you've never considered then it's time to find a new consultant"

     Brad spends his free time coaching his kid's baseball teams and fishing.  Brad will tell you that he has an obsession with fishing that borders on unhealthy but he'll also tell you that similarities between fishing and sales are so close they are almost one in the same.    As the president and CEO of Citracado Brad makes the decisions that make our clients successful.