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     The world of real estate marketing is vast and with good reason.  It's one of the few high dollar asset classes that roughly 102 million Americans are affected by and connected to.    In many ways our economic welfare as a whole is correlated with the real estate market.  It's also one of the few direct to consumer marketing opportunities where relatively small marketing  dollar investments can pay off in a huge way with returns exceeding 200-300%. 

     When one considers the enormity of the residential and commercial market it should be no surprise that real estate marketing has evolved into highly specialized niches.   Some are simple, some are very complex but at their very core all the specialization is structured to do one of two things:   Sell inventory in the fastest most efficient way possible, or find people to buy that inventory in the fastest most efficient way possible.    Within this simple set of buying or selling exists a massive marketing industry with varying degrees of competence

     At Citracado Market Advisors the majority of our real estate marketing programs are focused on finding the inventory.    There are many real estate axioms that seem to hold true over the years (location, location, location, All markets are local, etc) but one that is not often heard is "control the inventory and win the game".  Successful agents and brokers, commercial or residential know this to be true and most of their real estate marketing is focused on finding the inventory.  If you have the right inventory the buyers will find you. 

     Real Estate Marketing is one of the few marketing channels where the target market is over 100 million strong and we know exactly where to find our target.  Other industries have a great deal of difficulty finding their 'target market'.   In Real Estate this is simply not the case, we know where they live and we have data sources available to tell us exactly when they bought, how much they owe, and if they are paying on time.   There are very few asset classes that present this same kind of opportunity with large payouts at the end of each transaction.

     At Citracado Marketing Advisors we specialize in unique direct to consumer marketing.  A Google search of real estate marketing and related real estate lead searches will return a mind numbing number of results.   Most will give you a 'menu' of selections and options but very few will dig into details or theory of why a marketing program is structured a certain way.   We believe an educated buyer is a happy buyer and we have made a concerted effort to ensure we offer more than just a menu of real estate marketing products.     

     We bring years of real estate marketing experience and it's available to you.  Weather you see what you are looking for on the website or not, give us a call before parting with your marketing dollars.   In the marketing world knowledge is power, and a quality conversation with a qualified consultant will not only keep you from making mistakes, it will increase your ability to monetize your marketing investments.