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National Late Mortgage Report by Month & State

     As part of our continuing effort to provide useful and relevant marketing data Citracado Market Advisors will be posting the total amount of late mortgages in the United States on the first of each month.    We posted the total for October 2012 in our blog section and the response was so overwhelmingly positive that many of our clients asked us for monthly updates.   We've stated in our real estate marketing section that we share the belief that health of the US economy is closely tied with the real estate market and the amount of pre-foreclosures has a direct effect on the health of the economy. 

     It's our belief that the real estate market, and the amount of pre-foreclosures factor in to every 'direct to consumer' marketing decision made by marketing professionals and business owners.  For loss mitigation professionals, real estate agents, investors, and all mortgage related businesses the national late mortgage report is indispensable.  Reliable totals are very hard to come by and many companies want to charge a premium for this information.   By posting the monthly totals we believe we can add clarity to our consulting process and help our clients further monetize the leads and marketing data they purchase from us.  To see how we can help your business please contact us.

National Late Mortgage Report by Month & State, 30 60 90 120+ days late.


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