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30 60 90 Day Late Leads

     30 60 90 Day late mortgage leads offer a unique and flexible method to market to homeowners who are late on their mortgage.   This is the preferred list to reach those who are late on their mortgage for the majority of real estate investors, agents, brokers, and loss mitigation professionals.  The benefits of this list are numerous but the biggest benefit is the ability to reach home owners before they become part of the public record.  Once a default is recorded and becomes part of the public record response rates tend to plummet due to the flood of mail and phone calls homewners receive with in a very short period. 

     The 30 60 90 day late leads offer more flexibility in the data screening process than most forms of public record data.  Flexibility in the screening is import for a variety of reasons.  Investors, mitigation professional, and agents generally all compete for the same late borrower but have very different solutions that require slightly different screens.  Small variations in the data screen can mean the success or failure of given campaigns which means the proper screen has a real dollar impact and affects the ROI.

Mortgage Balances:    Since there is no property type available the mortgage balance allows us to set a range that will get us the right type of inventory for a given area.   The best response rate will generally come from the middle 3rd of the value range for any give area.  Most investors will look at the lower end of the value range because those deals tie up less cash and are easier to turn.  Most agents will look at the higher end of the range due to the fact that the higher  sale amount will generate a higher commission.   The balance filter will also allow for the targeting of high end properties.

Days Late:   This is perhaps the most important filter.  The rule over the years has been that non-judicial foreclosure states require a 30 60 90 day late screen and judicial states require a 60 90 120 day late screen, but as the market has turned in some parts of the county this is no longer a hard rule.  The inventory squeeze in some areas has taken this rule and thrown it out the window.   So there is no longer a one size fits all approach to determining how late to screen for a give area.  If you are considering this list please contact us so we can run a report for your area and make a recommendation. 

Filter Sets available for 30 60 90 day late mortgage Leads:

Number of mortgages 1, 2, 3, ….
1st Loan Amount 1-999,999
Current Mortgage Balance 1-999,999
Most Recent Payment Amount 0-10,000
Seasoning (Months Open) 0-100
Days Past Due 30, 60, 90, 120+
Omit Foreclosure Filing Yes/No


     Please contact us to see a report for your specific area.  As mentioned earlier there is not a one size fits all approach to screening this data.  Our consultants will need feedback from you about the market conditions in your particular area.  This feedback is critical in running this screen and procuring the right list.   The 30 60 90 day late mortgage list is a powerful pre-foreclosure marketing tool and a key component to any late mortgage marketing effort, and if used correctly can result in stunning returns