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Student Loan Leads A Unique Opportunity

The student loan bubble is beginning to pop with massive surge in loan defaults; this surge offers a unique marketing opportunity.   The amount of bad student loan debt is staggering and at some time in January of 2013 the aggregate amount of bad student loan debt finally surpassed the aggregate total of bad credit card debt.   For many that follow the industry this is not a surprise.  The bubble created in student loan lending and the massive push in for-profit education has helped to fuel the bubble.   Much has been written about the looming student loan crises but very little has been offered in the way of monetizing the opportunity that it presents.

Utilizing student loan leads to help students restructure that debt might just be the new frontier that the debt settlement industry was some years ago.   Many of our debt clients are looking for next new market and we believe we have found it.  The marketing of student loan leads uses the same impressive infrastructure and processing systems that many of our clients have built to process their debt files.  The impact the debt settlement industry has had on the aggregate amount of credit card debt in the United States is not a trivial amount.  As the debt industry has grown and matured credit card companies have had to undertake fundamental changes in their business practices due to the impact the settlement industry as a whole has had on the American consumer.  We believe this same opportunity exists in the student loan market, and we believe thet market to be in the very early stages and set for explosive growth over the coming years. 

Like many of the great marketing booms this opportunity was created by a change in federal regulation.  The loosening of guidelines and restrictions for the GSE that hold the majority of student loan debt has opened the door to a marketing opportunity like we may not see again in some time. 

Most of the marketing for student loan leads up to now has been primarily done by pay-per-click online marketing, or data collection through various websites which simply does not allow for the kind of volume needed to process these types of files on a large scale.  This has been due primarily to the lack of a reliable source of data.  Citracado Market Advisors has been testing new data sources for student loan leads and we are pleased to report that our testing phases have concluded and we have rolled out our student loan leads product that has produced results with our direct mail campaign that have far surpassed our most optimistic projected response rates.  If you have a business that processes files of any type:  Debt, mortgage, or anything similar please give us a call to see how easy it is to switch gears and move to restructure student loans using our student loan leads.